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  • In light of COVID, what safety measures are Adventure Designed taking?"
    We take the safety of our travelers very seriously so they can sit back and thoroughly enjoy their experience. Adventure Designed is up-to-date on the latest border restrictions, quarantine mandates, local closures, safety precautions, and more. With your request, we’ll seek out and exclusively book accommodations, activities, etc. that offer flexible cancellation policies. We secure all needed reservations which is crucial due to decreased capacity in open restaurants, spas, ski resorts, and more.
  • What is Adventure Designed?
    Adventure Designed is an end-to-end travel planning service that saves you time and maximizes your value. We customize an authentic experience designed especially for you. Our travel expert works with you one-on-one to understand your every need and deliver an extraordinary experience from start to finish. For dream vacations, staycations, or unique excursions in your own backyard, Adventure Designed is committed to making your vacation relaxing and stress-free.
  • How does Adventure Designed's custom travel planning work?
    Leave the extensive research and tedious planning to us so you can enjoy the present while we plan your future adventures. You receive an end-to-end travel plan that’s fully customized with your unique likes and dislikes in mind. The custom travel planning process includes three key steps: Experience Consultation: a one-on-one virtual conversation with our travel expert to understand your dream experience. This is where we’ll discuss how involved you would/wouldn’t like to be in the process, any existing plans we need to incorporate, requests from any fellow travelers, requests for nonconsecutive planning days, dietary preferences, etc. Custom Planning Process: our travel expert conducts extensive research and leverages industry expertise to design your custom travel plan. You receive a preliminary trip overview, provide any feedback, and we make any needed adjustments from there. There is a complimentary option to have your custom travel plan loaded into Pebblar for easy on-the-go access as well. Enjoy! The trip details are set and your travel plans are perfected, you are ready to seamlessly experience your dream trip!
  • What does Adventure Designed’s custom travel planning include?
    A day-by-day itinerary complete with experiences tailored specifically to you. These might include: dining, excursions, lodging, transportation, etc. And the best part? Adventure Designed is truly end-to-end and full-service. That means, if you'd like, we will support booking for flights, accommodations, activities, and dining. We also offer a happiness guarantee: if you don’t enjoy your custom travel plan, we’ll refund 100% of your money back!
  • What is the Adventure Designed Workaway?
    With many companies allowing their team members to work from home, working from anywhere is now very accessible! Our Workaway custom planning process mirrors that of our custom travel planning with just a few key differentiators: During our initial discovery conversation, we’ll uncover any company requirements. For example, the type of work you perform will impact needs for WiFi speed, cell connection, workplace setup, etc. and, many companies have requirements around countries and/or timezones their team members can work from. Instead of a daily plan, we’ll provide you with: Accommodations for one main basecamp Transportation (if flying, for example) to and from your destination Activities to fill one weekend Workaway pricing is a flat-fee of $150 for an unlimited amount of time. For instance, you can opt to enjoy your Workaway experience for as long as 6 months or more! For activities, accommodations, and/or transportation beyond what’s included in the original package, contact us for custom pricing.
  • What are Destination Designs?
    We offer city, area, and National Park destination designs. True to the Adventure Designed brand mission, our Destination Designs offer you an opportunity to experience a city’s hidden gems. These guides have been personally vetted by our founder and will include recommendations on where to enjoy the best food and drinks, where to relax at local spas, where to stay, what to do while you’re in town, and more. For a full list of current Destination Designs, visit our Checkout page.
  • My trip is a few days away - any chance you can help?
    Of course! We will do our very best to support. Connect with us here and we’ll be in touch asap to see how we can help and discuss custom pricing.
  • What cities are you available in?
    Adventure Designed's founder has personally vetted destinations throughout North America, Latin America, and Europe. You may access Adventure Designed's favorite accommodations, excursions, and dining spots through our growing library of downloadable Destination Designs found here. For curating custom trips and workaways, Adventure Designed leverages our personal expertise, extensive research, and local contacts. We cannot wait to curate your adventure no matter your destination! Connect with us to learn more.
  • Are there any hidden fees or markups with Adventure Designed?
    Absolutely not! Our standard prices are those listed on our website and we always work to get you the best prices for all of your travel reservations. We receive no kickbacks from any reservations or travel plans we make, which means you’ll receive the best and most custom travel plan everytime.
  • Why should I use Adventure Designed instead of planning myself?
    Travelers spend upwards of 30 hours planning a trip truly customized to meet their likes and avoid their dislikes. We do that work (and more!) so that you can stop worrying about future trips and instead enjoy the present. By handing over the planning to Adventure Designed, you save both time and stress. We plan your future adventures, snag hard-to-get reservations, ensure we are abiding by the most updated COVID-19 restrictions, and uncover hidden gems. This is what we are best in the world at!
  • Do I pay upfront?
    Yes and we offer a 100% happiness guarantee.
  • What if I need to cancel my trip?
    Based on your preferences, we can work to make flexible reservations up front to prepare for any potential future cancellations. If you do need to cancel your trip, you are beholden to any cancellation policies for reservations made - again, we guide you through this to ensure the policies are transparent and flexible. The cost of your custom travel planning can be floated to reschedule the trip within one calendar year of the original trip dates.
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