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Our Story

At Adventure Designed, our mission is to inspire curiosity and connection to the world around us through customized travel experiences that invite new perspectives and include moments of enchantment. Through experience and passion, our mission statement drives our dedication to exceeding expectations. We promise to surprise and delight you every step of the way, designing an unforgettable travel experience customized completely for you.


Meet Our Founder

Ashlund specializes in curating unique experiences expertly tailored to her travelers’ every wish. With over a decade of experience growing client-centric teams for high-growth brands, Ashlund channeled her corporate skill set and strategic individualized planning toward her passion, travel. Adventure Designed was born. 


Ashlund has always been drawn to the richness of new experiences and the understanding that comes from exploring new cultures. She’s lived in various places throughout North America and Europe and cannot wait to add more continents to that list!


With Adventure Designed, Ashlund creates unforgettable trips for every one of her travelers as if it were her own, complete with her personal high level of care, attention-to-detail, and expertise. When she’s not traveling the world, Ashlund resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and rescue pup.


We cannot wait to support your adventures and look forward to elevating your travel experiences, making them uniquely yours. 


14+ years of international and domestic travel planning experience

Expertise in maximizing reward points

10+ years curating customer-centric experiences


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